Washington Sheriffs Revolt – Refuse To Honor New Gun Laws

A group of local Sheriffs in Washington are launching their own sanctuary cities, for guns.

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Sheriffs in a dozen Washington counties say they won’t enforce the state’s sweeping new restrictions on semi-automatic rifles until the courts decide whether they are constitutional.

A statewide initiative approved by voters in November raised the minimum age for buying semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21, required buyers to first pass a firearms safety course and added expanded background checks and gun storage requirements, among other things. It was among the most comprehensive of a string of state-level gun-control measures enacted in the U.S. after last year’s shooting at a Florida high school.

This passage from the AP article really sums up the battle of 2020 and beyond:

“I swore an oath to defend our citizens and their constitutionally protected rights,” Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones said. “I do not believe the popular vote overrules that.”

As America becomes more polarized between urban elites and rural working families, we’ll see more conflicts like this, similar to how the popular vote didn’t reflect the electoral college in 2016 and likely won’t again in 2020.