SNL Virginia Skit Was A Joke

Conservatives excitedly passed around a Saturday Night Live skit from last night’s episode which appears to take a rare jab at the left, highlighting the current KKK scandal engulfing the Democrat party of Virginia.

The truth is, when you take a closer look at the skit and compare it to how Saturday Night Live handles other scandals when they involve Republicans, it becomes clear that the joke is on the conservative audience.

First, here’s the skit SNL produced addressing the Virginia Blackface scandal:

Kenan Thompson plays the role of an unnamed “Chair of the Ethics Committee” while a smattering of other cast members play anonymous, unidentified politicians. Taking politics out of it for a moment, the skit is relatively funny. Kenan’s character is trying to do damage control, and wants to assess how many other Virginia politicians have appeared in blackface. It turns out, ALL OF THEM have. That’s funny.

What nobody seems to have noticed is the sleight of hand Saturday Night Live pulled on their viewers with this skit. To get a better understanding of the dishonesty of this clip, let’s compare it to another Saturday Night Live skit, this time involving Republicans.

Another amusing skit with Kenan Thompson playing Don Lemon teeing up a CNN segment following the Kavanaugh confirmation vote. Again, various cast members turn in skilled performances as Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John Kennedy, and Susan Collins being interviewed by Dana Bash in the GOP locker room.

Can you spot the difference? When the subject is Republicans, the skit uses real people. The actors play Don Lemon and Dana Bash. They’re in a GOP locker room. All the top GOP Senators are there, and named.

In contrast, when the skit involves Democrats in an unflattering light, there are no names. Everyone is anonymous. No party is mentioned. In fact, if you look at the writeup for the first video, it turns out dressing in blackface isn’t even a scandal anymore. It’s been downgraded to a “controversy.”

From the video’s description:

Virginia state representatives (Halsey, Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson, Beck Bennett, Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney) call an emergency meeting in response to multiple blackface controversies.

And that’s how they protect their own. When they want to mock Republicans, they do it by name. When they want to clean up a Democrat mess while pretending to make fun of all sides, they run a skit featuring anonymous nobodies.

MORE… PJMedia calls out SNL for their blatant hypocrisy when it comes to Blackface, which they used to think was VERY cool.