Will AOC Apologize For Her Close Relationship With Anti-Semite Omar?

For those of us who have known for a long time that the left is sinking into a pit of anti-Semitism, Ilhan Omar’s election is a gift because it puts the lie to their claims of tolerance and diversity on full display. For all their talk, Democrats are empowering bigots of the highest order. These bigots are the party’s future.

Silence equals consent, and there’s been a LOT of silence for far too long coming from the left, and especially Jews on the left. (I’m a jew so I’m allowed to criticize my own people for their role empowering bigotry on the left, but that’s for another post.)

No…This post is not constructed to deal with all the liberal Jews who’ve done more to harm conservative Jews in their own community than stop the radicalism in the progressive movement. This post is just to ask, when will AOC have to answer for her cozy relationship with the most open anti-semite in Congress?

Democrats, and liberal Jews should ask themselves, what is it about the Democrat party that attracts anti-semites like Omar? Could it be the way Democrats have treated Israel over the last 10 years? Could it be the way Democrats sold Jews out to Iran?

Omar’s not stupid. She knew her home was on the left. And she’s right!