Hardliners rally their troops in Venezuela.

During the 5 hour long marathon, they attacked Marco Rubio by name, calling him Narco Rubio.

The show is a family affair, with Cabello’s revolutionary pop singer daughter, Daniella, usually in the wings and sometimes joining her father on stage for a musical interlude.

It’s also a platform to attack opponents.

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, one of Cabello’s chief critics, is called “Narco Rubio,” and a front-row seat in the audience is sometimes left empty for “Maria Violencia,” his chosen smear for Maria Corina Machado, a vocal government critic.

That’s when AP drops this massive falsehood:

While lawmaker Juan Guaido’s recognition by dozens of countries as Venezuela’s rightful president has renewed the opposition’s hope of gaining power after two decades of socialist rule it also has riled up President Nicolas Maduro’s still sizable pro-government base.

Sorry, folks, but Juan Guaido does NOT represent hope for anything other than more socialism.

Together with Leopoldo López and other politicians, Guaidó was a founding member of the Popular Will political party in 2009; the party is affiliated with Socialist International, although his peers characterize Guaidó as a centrist, and Maduro places him on the right of the political spectrum.

So yeah, he’s not an authoritarian like Chavez or Maduro, but Venezuela isn’t moving away from socialism anytime soon.