Uh Oh! Latest Report From @CWB Indicates Maga-Bros Flipped On @JussieSmollett

CWB has done an OUTSTANDING job reporting on the Jussie Smollett csae, and now their latest roundup includes a quote that indicates the two Nigerian brothers, who were briefly arrested yesterday, have been released because they’re cooperating with the Police.

Jussie has his own high priced defense lawyer now (odd, that), and the brothers have their own, SEPARATE, attorney. She commented:

Standing outside Area Central Police Headquarters Friday night, the Osundairo brothers’ lawyer dropped hints that the road ahead may be rough for Smollett.

“My guys are walking home. They are not charged,” Gloria Schmidt said before indicating that the Osundairo’s had information about the Smollett case that was shared with police after some “coordination.”

And, she pointed out, “I’m not part of Jussie’s defense.”

It’s time for Jussie to come clean about what happened.