“It’s been A Really Bad Month For The Woke Media” But It’s Also Been A Really Bad Month For Their Victims

It’s been a really bad month for the woke media. First the Buzzfeed story falls to pieces. Days later, woke media pounces on innocent kids while amplifying the words of an obvious huckster. Northam happens and the woke ones are left flat footed. Then the Smollett case implodes.

All Schadenfreude at watching progressive narrative after progressive narrative blow up in their progressive faces aside, there are real victims to this behavior.

Some victims are acute, and identifiable. For example, the Covington Catholic High School kids who were victimized first by progressive activists, and then by progressive media.

Other victims are not so obvious, but they include

  • Every single Trump supporter
  • Anyone beaten by ANTIFA while media looks the other way
  • Christians
  • Jews
  • The black community
  • The gay community
  • The white community
  • basically everyone

Unfortunately, there will be no introspection on the part of the people who helped propagate the lies. No reflection on how many people they’ve harmed or what if anything they should do differently in the future.

And they wonder why they’re known as the enemy of the people. Just look at how many people’s lives they destroy.