POLITICAL P0RN: @DailyMail Runs Clickbait On 20yr Old Obama Daughter

Daily Mail has run a rather disgusting story about Malia Obama and her secret Facebook page. You might ask yourself “so what?!” and you’d be right to do so. This is not newsworthy. It’s just Daily Mail running clickbait on a 20 yr old girl.

We’re not anything resembling fans of her father, but this not journalism. It’s political p0rn.

Apparently we’re not alone in our opinion.

“Daily Mail: Narc Newspaper”

“Can the daily mail get a job?”

“Daily Mail always pull this shit. They trade on celebrity tittle-tattle, and when they’re not doing that, they’re promoting nationalist bullshit. In the UK, we call them the Daily Heil because they promoted fascists before WWII. Blackshirts were fascists pre WWII”