Retrospektsiya: Fake News Bloomberg Sanitizes @BernieSanders Party Trip To Soviet Union BEFORE THE WALL FELL!

Socialist Democrat Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, has announced his run for President.

And the media has already spun away the fact that Bernie spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union. From VERY FAKE Bloomberg News:

How Bernie Sanders Spent His Soviet ‘Honeymoon’

The state of the country in 1988 wouldn’t have made him a communist sympathizer.

Senator Bernie Sanders’s long-ago “honeymoon” in the Soviet Union is held up by his opponents as evidence of dubious judgment, and even Communist sympathies or anti-American tendencies. The self-described socialist was questioned about the visit during a debate of Democratic presidential candidates in October as a way to raise doubts about his electability.

Those descriptions and concerns are based on distortions and exaggerations: The trip, which began the day after his wedding with his second wife, Jane, in May 1988, was undertaken as part of Sanders’ official duties as mayor of Burlington, Vermont. And in any case, most of his critics seem to have forgotten that the Soviet Union at the time was hardly the place for an admirer of communism to find comfort. 

This is of course total nonsense. When the Berlin wall came down in November of 1989, it was a shock to the whole world. Western intel agencies, especially in the US, have been roundly mocked for missing the signs that the USSR was about to splinter.

Unless Bloomberg’s Leonid Bershidsky is implying that Bernie knew the brutal and genocidal soviet empire was dying when HE chose to make the Soviet city of Yaroslavl the sister city of Burlington, VT? Did Bernie know before the rest of America and all her spy intel that the wall was coming down, and so he jumped at the opportunity to forge a sister city tie to help hasten the collapse?! Bullsh*t.

Here’s footage of Bernie partying with his Soviet pals more than a year before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Bernie didn’t care that Berlin was a prison thanks to the Communist wall. But Bernie’s against walls now:

Another Retrospektsiya (flashback) via @JackPosobiec