TONE DEAF 👉🏿 @FoxBusiness Anchor @MelissaAFrancis Expresses Sympathy For #JussieSmollett And Is Quickly Auto-Corrected By Jussie’s Victims

“So humiliating for #JussieSmollett I can’t help feeling for him.”


Yeah. We get it. But there’s a time and place for everything, and this ain’t it.

“I feel sorry for the good Americans he decided to slur and make a target for his own twisted goals”



“Don’t recall seeing your, “I can’t help feeling for innocent citizens that just happened to be wearing the wrong hat” tweet. “


That’s a good point. What did Melissa tweet when the story first broke, and celebrities/politicians/media all genuflected to the gods of righteous condemnation?

Oh. Well. Thanks for that amazing piece of journalism, Melissa. Maybe her FIRST tweet after discovering this was all a giant hoax should’ve been an apology.