TAKE DOWN! Patriots Owner Bob Kraft To Be Charged In Prostitution Bust – CAUGHT ON VIDEO

Jussie Smollett just became a Patriots fan.

A detective said that the acts committed by Kraft and the others were caught on video. Kerr said that Kraft was the only high-profile person facing charges after a months-long investigation. 

Kerr said a warrant for Kraft’s arrest will be issued. 

And make no mistake, this is all about Trump because everything is about Trump.

Kraft often visits Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., which is approximately 20 miles from Jupiter. He has frequently praised Trump, saying that the president helped him through his “toughest time,” the death of his wife Myra Kraft in 2011. 

Trump reportedly prioritized a key issue for the NFL in trade negotiations with Canada at Kraft’s request last year.

Trump asked Canadian officials to renew a rule that requires Canadian advertisements to be broadcast in Canada during broadcasts of the Super Bowl, regardless of whether the game feed is on a Canadian or American broadcast, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Maybe NFL players should take a knee for exploited/abused/battered women. Or would that be too close to home?