TYPICAL: Bill Maher Calls On Democrats To ‘Recolonize Red States Before They Get Any Crazier’ Says “They Don’t Hate Us, They Want To Be Us”

Bill Maher called for Democrats to ‘recolonize crazy red states’

I thought Democrats rejected colonialism. Hmmm…

Bezos, you’re worth $130 billion. Take one for the team. Stop playing cities off against one another and help a dying one come back to life!

If liberals are serious about winning elections they have to start recolonizing the parts of the country they’ve abandoned.

If we keep leaving the red states behind they’re going to keep getting angrier and crazier.

So, according to Maher, Besoz should take one for the team? Out of curiosity, it Amazon fails, will Bill take one of the team and help bail Bezos out? Or, more close to home, will Bill take one for his own team, and take a pay cut so the interns and PA’s working on his set can earn a living wage? Not likely on both counts.

As to ‘recolonizing the red states,’ it’s already happening, as people FLEE progressive hell holes.

“That’s why red state voters are so pissed off. They don’t hate us, they want to be us,” the Real Time host said on Friday night. “They want to go the party. It’s like we’re the British royal family and they’re Meghan Markle’s dad.”

Uh huh.