CRAZYTOWN – @AOC Falsely Accuses Journalist @JackPosobiec Of Stalking Her, Turns Her Twitter Followers Loose On Him. Will She lose Her Account?

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to twitter to accuse a journalist of stalking her. Only problem, the person she accused of stalking her was 100% NOT stalking her. In fact he was publicly mocking someone who appeared to be.

The whole shizstorm started when Caleb Hull tweeted out the following pic:

Hi AOC, why is your Chief of Staff eating a hamburger? smh


That prompted OANN reporter Jack Posobiec to tweet out the following tongue-in-cheek response:

When you spot @AOC out for dinner and sneak photos of her to post later on twitter


Well, that sent the Democrat over the deep end!

When you’re a guy that’s so unaware of his own creepiness that you tweet this from your own account as if it’s normal and not stalkerish at all



  1. How the hell does she have time to respond to silly tweets when we only have 12 years left to live?
  2. Attacking Jack Posobiec, a Navy vet, as “creepy” sounds like a personal attack. Are those cool to use again?
  3. How can she be so stupid and feed herself?

That’s when AOC’s REAL stalkers went to work on Posobiec:

I hope , and pray, you get arrested.


Your soon-to-be ex-wife is happy to have time to herself, I’m sure.


Yeah, that’s not creepy at all.

Then there’s this one from a writer for Disney and Nickelodeon, so he knows about creepiness:

what a lurker


Not everyone lost their minds over Jack’s tweet.

Ocasio-Cortez is once again proving she is the dumbest and most dishonest person in Congress@JackPosobiec was mocking the creep who took pictures of her at the restaurant tonight

He is siding *with you,*


Serious statement: this is why you put the phone down after midnight…you tweet-fight over stupid things because you took someone else’s tweet the wrong way. Literally a gif of a kids movie…..literally.


Then Jack went to town on AOC.

And finally, Jack put her to bed with this video. Must see!