TOO DUMB TO FAIL: School Bill Would Set “F” School Performance Grade At 39% Instead Of Traditional 59%. 85% Becomes An A!

This is not a smart idea. A North Carolina bill would make it much easier to get an A and much harder to get an F.

NC bill proposes changing school performance grading scale, sets ‘F’ at 39% or lower


BUT there’s a catch to this story… It’s not for student grades. Thankfully, they’ll still be held to a high standard. No, this is for the grade the adults are given for THEIR performance! It’s the grownups who can’t make the grade, and so they want to dumb down the grades THEY are given.

The grading scale would not change the scale used for students, only school performance. If passed, the scale would be in effect starting with the 2019-2020 school year

Do the authors of this bill ride the short bus to the Capitol when they vote??

If this passes, it will only be a matter of time until the students are granted the same dumbed down scale.

h/t Citizen Free Press