Rep Ilhan Omar Takes A Rake To The Face – Accidentally Outs Herself As Hypocrite

Rep Ilhan Omar almost makes a good point about hypocrisy here, but in so doing, accidentally outs herself as a hypocrite.

-Convicted of lying to Congress re: Russia investigation
-Going to jail
-“Don’t believe a word he says!

-Convicted of lying to Congress re: arming Contra death squads
-Pardoned, then appointed Envoy to Venezuela
-“Don’t dare question his past!”


Putting aside that the two examples aren’t analogous, (Michale Cohen is testifying to the government while facing extreme jeopardy at the hands of the very same government, while Elliot Abrams faced no such jeopardy when he recently testified), Rep Omar is publicly embracing her hypocrisy by backing the testimony of Michael Cohen while viciously attacking Abrams.