YouTube Slaps Global Warming Label On Bright Start News Video!

Bright Start News is a very young operation. Less than a month old. Our YouTube channel is even younger.

But that hasn’t stopped YouTube from slapping a warning label on one of our videos!

Jeez. We figured it would take longer than that to find ourselves targeted by Big Brother for thought crimes.

The video we put up, that YouTube finds so dangerous that they have to add context to it, is an anti-global warming rant posted to Live Leak by video blogger, Frank Ropiak.

We would’ve embedded the Live leak version, however our blog template won’t allow it for some reason. So we bleeped out the cursing in the video and put it up on YouTube, with full credit to Frank and Live Leak..

YouTube then proceeded to reiterate why there’s a need for Live Leak.

Live Leak doesn’t “Protect” their viewers from “incorrect” ideas. They treat their users like grown-ups capable of reason.

YouTube on the other hand…

Here’s the rant. It’s awesome, and needs no context to protect you from his ideas.