Howard Dean TRIGGERED By Anti-Socialist Tweet!

Howard Dean was positively triggered by a tweet put out by Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz.

Shouting down political opponents, inflexible dogma, and the making of lists of the politically impure, unfavored classes, and offending businesses, has always been integral to socialism. History is utterly clear on this point. The list is always acted on.


Well, that was enough for Screaming Dean to throw the worst insult a Democrat can hurl and another Democrat:

I’m beginning to think Schultz is not terribly different from trump. This is gibberish.


Is it possible that America’s war against Socialism has finally gotten underway? If so, we all know what side of that war Howard Dean and progressives Democrats are on. They hate American Capitalism and want it destroyed.


Of course! Washington Post writer, Dave Weigel, rushes to join Howard Dean in defending the Democrat embrace of socialism.

Weigel is calling Democrat party purge lists “intra-party primary challenges.” Did Stalin use the same language to describe his intra party squabbles?

Also, Dean has a habit of using eliminationist rhetoric

Speaking of truly crazy people, can’t we put all these folks on a giant space ship with Trump and send them to Neptune?

Dean isn’t the first leftist to want to eliminate the undesirables.