BRING BACK OUR GIRLS: “Hopes For Missing Yazidis Dim As Islamic State Defeat Looms”

Trump/US backed forces in Syria are on the verge of wiping out the last of ISIS on the ground. Expect a lot of horror stories as people are freed. Well, the few people ISIS didn’t slaughter.

Among those horror stories will certainly be what happened to the Yazidis at the hands of their Islamist slave masters and executioners.

Hopes for missing Yazidis dim as Islamic State defeat looms

ISIS came to power when former President Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, exited Iraq prematurely, while also toppling Momar Qaddafi in Lybia. This flooded the region with Muslim radicals and weapons, leading to the uprising of ISIS and the wholesale genocide and enslavement of communities across the Middle East.

Maybe the former First Lady can hold up a sign for these missing Yazidis who were sold into slavery by Muslim fundamentalists under her Husband’s watch?