SAD: Pakistani Child With AK-47 Strapped Around Her Shoulder Threatens To Kill India’s Prime Minister Modi (VIDEO)

A video has been uploaded to YouTube that reportedly shows a young Pakistani girl with an AK-47 slung over her shoulder threatening to murder India’s Prime Minister Modi.

Apparently parents in Pakistan are working overtime to assure the conflict with India seeps into the next generation.

Recently, Pakistan and India have been engaged in back and forth volleys of violence that many worry could spiral into a full blown religious war between nuclear armed states.

India and Pakistan have been trading blows since a February 16 terror attack in Kashmir killed 40 India troops, but updated battle-damage reports indicate India’s retaliation fell well short of achieving anything. 
Following the terror attack, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his country’s blood boiled and blamed Pakistan for harboring the terror group that had struck.

Huh. Pakistan sure does harbor a lot of terror groups. It’s almost as though they’re an Islamist terror state.

h/t Citizen Free Press