Local Blogger Lands MAJOR Scoop In Jussie Smollett Story – Mainstream Media Proceeds To Mug Him, Steal His Scoop, Offer No Credit!

Chicago blogger, @CWBChicago, landed a HUGE scoop today in the Jussie Smollett Hoax Attack story. It was promptly ripped off by every major media outlet in the business.

This isn’t their first rodeo, so they knew this was going to happen:

And then they dropped it:

And then mainstream outlets stole it:

NBC Stole from them:

“See how quickly corporate media steals from everywhere? Not even an hour since we broke it and NBC is getting the revenue for our work.”

Even TMZ, who screwed up this story so badly from the beginning they almost started a national racial incident, stole CBWChicago’s work:

Even Twitter screwed them over:

“Here’s a good one. We broke the story first on @Twitter and it’s now the top moment. But not one tweet by us. “

CNN stole it:

“Welcome CNN thieves”

These are the same media folks who preach to America about ethics. They’re not only the enemy of the people, they’re thieves too.