MARXIST PARTY: Even So Called Moderate Dems Think “Capitalist” Is A Dirty Word

How far Left has the Democrat-Socialist party lurched? Even their so-called moderates refuse to openly embrace Capitalism without hedging and giving a nod to Socialism.

Colorado Governor, and Democrat candidate for POTUS, John Hickenlooper, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where he repeatedly refused to embrace Capitalism.

America is going fully Marxist. (click the image below for the video)

John Hickenlooper ought to be a poster child for American Capitalism. After being laid off from his job as a geologist during the oil bust of the 1980s, he and his business partners turned an empty warehouse into a thriving brewery. It launched his political career, first as a problem-solving two-term mayor of Denver, then as a pragmatic two-term governor of Colorado, and now, as a centrist candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Yet there he was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” squirming in his seat as Joe Scarborough asked if he would call himself “a proud Capitalist.” Hickenlooper protested the divisiveness of labels. He refused to reject the term “Socialism.” He tried, like a vegetarian who still wants his bacon, to have it both ways: “There are parts of Socialism, parts of Capitalism, in everything.”

The above except comes from the New York Times, and is written by NeverTrumper, Bret Stephens. (h/t Eli Lake).

If only the Never Trumpers on the Right could evolve enough to understand, it was the GOPe elites utter failure to even bother to identify this problem, let alone stand up to the growing Red Menace and fight back, that led to the conditions for a POTUS Trump to come to power.

Never Trumpers don’t actually do anything to fight back against Marxism in America. They just write columns about how evil Trump and his supporters are.