The Total Failure of Centrism In Congress Captured In A Year Old Tweet

Just came across this tweet, and had to laugh to avoid crying.

The Hill: Centrist lawmakers eye growing power in 2019

LOL! How’s that growing centrist power working out for ya? The Democrats have more than one raging anti-Semite with powerful committee assignments, yet the Democrats are so radicalized, they can’t even bring themselves to condemn Rep Mullah Omar (D-MN) for fear of losing the anti-Semite vote of their base.

Taking a quick look through the No Labels twitter account is somewhat disappointing. They have a lot of anti-Trump stuff up, which you might expect from an allegedly centrist organization, but they also have NOTHING up about the most radical slate of Democrats to serve in the Capitol since the days when Democrats openly embraced and supported the KKK.

How can they call themselves a centrist organization and remain completely silent on the 800lb radicalism in the room?