Debra Messing Accused Of Transphobia For Posting An Image Of V’gina Cupcakes…On International Women’s Day

Progressives are eating themselves alive. In this instance, it’s over v’jay jay cup cakes. The cupcakes might look vile but this story is delicious.

It’s A Lib Eat Lib World: Rabid Feminist Debra Messing’s Vagina Cupcakes Are ‘Transphobic’

Women who don’t have vaginas were INCREDIBLY offended by this picture of vagina cupcakes.

And by that, I mean men. Men were offended. Men who think they’re women.

The image that landed Messing in trouble is pictured above. We’ve censored it because Facebook is extremely prudish. We don’t have a Facebook page, but people who sometimes share our work there have informed us as much.

To see the full grown-up version, you can see it here at Chicks On The Right.