Typical: Democrats Form Tax Exempt Organization To Lobby…FOR HIGHER TAXES!

Democrats have formed a tax exempt organization to lobby Illinois voters to approve higher taxes!

Think Big Illinois, a group backed by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who is pressing for the graduated tax to replace the state’s current flat-rate income tax, was first on the TV airwaves and cable with a half-minute ad defending the change and the potential to raise billions from people with higher incomes.

Think Big is a tax exempt outfit.

Think Big Illinois is a tax-exempt group that said it will report its donors when it’s required to file documents with the IRS.

Here’s the ad they’re running:

Democrat Socialists think if you earn more, you should be required to spend more of your time each week in service to the state. Because that’s what a graduated tax system does. It says, if you’re too successful, you’re required to work a higher percentage of your time each day/week/month/year as a slave to the taxman (in this case, an obese-cat billionaire governor who will NEVER feel the tax hikes he’s imposing on the rest of Illinois).

Oddly, it never occurs to Democrats to try and increase the supply of people earning more than 250K a year, rather than demonizing and punishing them, which will surely lead to their decline.

Given that Illinois consistently ranks toward the bottom of the list for employment statistics in the US (Number 40! currently) they should be more focused on attracting high earning job creators.

Illinois really is becoming the Venezuela of the Midwest.