Subway Attacker Who Severely Beat Elderly Woman On Camera Was Wearing A Palestinian Keffiyeh

A brutal attack on a New York City subway was captured on video. The short clip has been viewed millions of times on social media and clearly depicts a black man severely beating an elderly black woman.

Of course, because New York City is under the control of Democrat Socialists, and the culture there grows coarser by the hour, nobody did a damn thing to stop the attack.

It’s awful.

One thing that seems to have gone largely un-noticed by anyone in mainstream media is that the suspect was clearly wearing a Palestinian Keffiyeh, the radical symbol of muslim supremacy over the Jews of Israel (Sold on Amazon, of course!).

Now, imagine the attacker was wearing a MAGA hat, and tell us it’s not relevant. Should Palestinians now be subjected to the same group backlash from Democrats that Trump supporters face over fake attacks that never even happened?

Of course not. Nobody should be subjected to Democrat tactics.

Something tells us they’ll catch this guy quickly by visiting the local chapter of the Nation of Islam. Just a hunch that the local members know exactly who this is.