Celebrity Reactions To Trump Exoneration Are Awesome Sauce! Vol 1 – Sarah Silverman

President Donald Trump, and the entire country, won a devastating victory over the coup plotters in the Obama administration, after receiving a full exoneration on charges of collusion with a foreign government.

This is SHOCKING news to the left, and especially to their celebrity class, who bought the narrative hook line and sinker. Now, it’s election night all over again.

Let’s enjoy their pain, shall we?


Sarah’s trying to present herself as mature in the face of disappointment, but she has a tell that reveals how heart broken she really is. She isn’t cracking any jokes. When a comedian stops making jokes, you know they’re crying on the inside.

Great news that there was no collusion with Russia by the @potus — now he can focus on finding, disabling and punishing those who worked for Russia to attack the US election.

Here’s the problem, Sarah. Twitter has a memory.

It goes on an on.

The words you’re looking for, Sarah, are, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Please forgive me.”