Apartment essentials for your first time living off-campus

by Ethan More
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Living off-campus is an experience that most college students can’t wait to have. You finally get to walk away from noisy neighbors, shared bathrooms, and strict rules. However, there are things you certainly have to take into account when you first move out of your on-campus residence hall before moving into your new apartment.

 Most important are the living necessities of finding a new place to live off-campus. The following list includes essential and practical items for making your apartment feel like home.


 While you might not need to worry about this all that much in your on-campus residence hall, with an off-campus apartment comes the extra space and storage for more than just a bed or desk. Places like The Pointe apartments are perfect to start living on your own, especially if you can personalize your space to suit your needs.

For starters, buying a coffee table and end tables will not only add a nice touch to your living room but will also create more space for decor or other items that can be moved around when guests come over.

 Additionally, couches and chairs might not be a bad idea to add in if your apartment is big enough. They can serve as extra seating or storage when they fold out into futons, sofas, and other furnishings.

Kitchen appliances

 No matter how big or small, every kitchen should have certain appliances to do cooking and cleaning easier. 

 These essentials include blenders for smoothies and other drinks, microwaves, ovens, and stovetops for all your cooking needs. A dishwasher to help you get rid of those stacks of dirty dishes piling up in the sink; a water filtration system if your tap water doesn’t taste too great; and trash compactors or recycling bins for keeping that area clean.

 In addition, having a few glass plates for when you have guests over to serve food will make the presentation look even fancier.

Storage bins, baskets, and hangers

 Organization is the first step to keeping your apartment clean. It might be tempting to leave things spread out all over the floor, but if you want to make your place look nice and feel like home, you need to take care of the piles and piles of laundry and odds and ends inside.

 This is why storage containers, baskets, and hangers are necessary for any new apartment. From your dirty clothes hamper to the storage container for shoes or other miscellaneous items, these will help you keep your place tidy and organized.

A vacuum

 It might be worth investing in a vacuum or renting one from your closest store. This will make cleaning much easier for any new apartment dweller, especially when you are still getting used to living on your own. 

 Whenever things get too hectic around finals week or before guests come over, all you need to do is turn on your vacuum, and it should be suitable enough for a quick clean before getting back to the task at hand.

Toilet paper, paper towels, and toiletries

 No one wants to run out of these things when they’re in the middle of doing dishes. Instead of rushing over to the store every time you need something, consider having a stockpile of these essential items at home. You never know when guests or family members may come over, so it’s always best to be prepared when it comes to stocking up on toilet paper, paper towels, and other bathroom essentials.

First aid kit

 It would also be nice to keep a first aid kit around if someone cuts themselves while cooking. Don’t worry about finding the entire thing either because all you need are bandages, antibiotic ointment, wipes, and other helpful products that will aid in wound care.

An extra set of keys

 You would be surprised to know how often these come in handy. Sometimes you might lock your keys inside or lose them on the street somewhere near campus, so it’s always best to have an extra set around just in case. Even if you aren’t concerned with losing them, it’s always nice to have an extra set of keys handy for your friends.

Closing Thoughts

 These are just a few essentials for your first time living off-campus. They might not be the most groundbreaking ideas, but it’s always good to go into your new home prepared rather than wishing you had something later on. With these items ready to go, you’ll feel more prepared and ready to tackle your new place with ease.

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