Can chickens eat dried grubs?

by Vinay Kumar
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Mealworms or American grubs! When you shake the packet, hens appear from all corners of the yard. There’s no denying that chickens love dried mealworms. Should you, however, feed them to your posse? It is entirely dependent on the vendor. 

Better quality ones are always more expensive, but it’s well worth it in regards to your flock’s health.

The advantages of feeding dried mealworms to your chickens are discussed in this article. It also teaches how many chickens you should feed and how to identify substandard mealworms. 

So you’ve decided to “have your own” mealworms or have discovered a reliable supplier for your flock.

Dried Mealworms Can Help You Train Your Birds

Chickens can be trained to do remarkable things, especially when mealworms are rewarded! 

Bribery by rewards has been used to train chickens to run assault courses, perform a range of tricks, and even modify anti-social tendencies.

It’s also the simplest approach to persuade hesitant teenage hens to enter the coop. They’d rather have lunch than go outside and party.

Chickens are sophisticated and can be readily educated to perform things if there is a real reward for the process; after all, nobody works for nothing! 

When it comes to feeding mealworms, the best time of year is around molt season.

As you may be aware, the molt causes the bird to lose a significant amount of protein. The strain of sustaining health is great due to the stress of molting, the high volume of protein consumed when replacing the old feathers, and the stress of molting.

However, your birds will survive the molt without high-protein nibbles; they will require more protein from someplace, so why not offer them just a special treat to improve their day?

During this time, you can also give other high-protein snacks, but please exercise caution. Use a variety of high-protein snacks like American grubs, such as hard-boiled and mashed eggs one day, mealworms the next, plus pumpkin seeds the third.

Mealworms are used to treat a variety of ailments

If you have a sick hen recovering from a disease or a predatory attack, she will require additional protein to aid in the repair of any damaged tissue.

This would be acceptable to give them a teaspoon of these every day under these conditions. The only exception is if there is a concern about compromised kidneys, in which case the protein should be kept at a 16–18% layer diet.

Mealworms as a Simple Snack

If the truth is told, everyone enjoys being spoiled from time to time and hens are no different; they are deserving of gifts for laying those gorgeous eggs virtually every day.

If you don’t want their bedding to be turned over, simply drop it on the ground outdoors and watch them devour it in record time. Finally, if your chickens are really friendly, you may be capable of feeding them directly from your hand.

In terms of how many dry mealworms you can give them and how often you can feed them. However, you should rotate the goodies and offer them American grubs no more than twice a week. Shown above are a few reasons to indulge your hens, but remember that, like chocolate, too much of a good thing may be harmful. 

If you have many chickens or a lot of free time, teaching them tricks is a fun activity for both you and the hens. Your clever hens will astound your pals!

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