Top digital experience management platforms

by Vinay Kumar
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The digital experience management platform is a type of enterprise software that is emerging. The functionality of this software is to meet the requirements of the companies, which are going through a digital transformation, to accomplish the goal of offering a better customer experience. 

The digital experience platform may be a single product but is sometimes a suite of products that can work together. 

This specific platform offers architecture for the companies, which offer banking and financial services, that can digitize the business operations, gather customer insight and deliver customer experiences that are connected.

What is digital experience?

Digital experience is a discipline that is emerging on focusing on improving the communications between an organization and its users that usually occur through digital technologies. 

These digital interactions can happen between the clients, customers, employees, and other types of users on digital applications such as portals, websites, online stores, and games.

There are different types of interactions the users can have, but there are several common examples of digital interactions that include inputting information, watching an ad, searching for a product, and also receiving a product.

What is DXM or digital experience management?

DXM or Digital experience management is also known as Digital customer experience management or DCXM. It is a discipline that is emerging while focusing on the interactions that can happen through digital technologies between the organization and its users. This is important for banking and financial services.

Top digital experience management platforms

Here are several examples of high-performing and top digital experience management platforms.

1. Zensar

This offers next-generation lifecycle management with the help of enterprise architecture, integrated services, and consulting. The solutions of this technology cut across the value chain of the business that includes API automation, AI, DevOps implementation, etc. 

You can enjoy some amazing experiences regarding banking services while working with this digital experience management platform.

This platform also designs research services in order to improve the Global User experience.

2. Acquia

It is a digital experience platform that is open and has built-in performance and monitoring tools that are designed while thinking about non-technical users.

It is used by Warner Music Group. This platform known as Acquia offers tools to create, operate, and optimize apps, websites, and some other digital experiences.  

This includes products like Acquia Cloud Site Factory, Acquia Cloud, Acquia DAM, Acquia Lightning, Acquia Commerce, Acquia Lift, and Acquia Journey.

It is really easy to pick up, even for those users who are non-technical users, hence making it great for the groups that need to get larger teams on board along with the DX delivery and digital content management.

3. Adobe AEM

This offers content-rich and personalized DX experiences with a CMS or content management system and digital asset management or DAM. This offers the jobs like web content management, offering forms, proper communication procedures, and handling high traffic with security and cloud-scale.  

This unique service offers monitoring and automation in the strategy of your digital experience. Along with the Adobe products, this software has the features of Uber. 

This tool excels in its way of handling flexible workflow integration and component building blocks. If you can afford its cost, then it is one of the best tools for managing the web content of larger companies.

Therefore, the top digital experience management platforms can help banking and financial services to work in a smooth and error-free way.

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