Ways To Make Homework Fun For Kids

by Vinay Kumar
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After long hours of school, kids finding homework taxing is normal. What is not normal is, not doing it so, parents have to step in. But simply telling them to do it won’t suffice. All you will hear are tantrums and excuses for not doing it.  Parents most of the time have to try out different ways of making their kids complete their homework and this is taxing for parents! We can call it a vicious circle. But, isn’t there a way that makes homework fun for kids? There is! 

Here are some ways of making homework fun for kids:

  1. Assist Them

By this, we mean to do it together with them and not do it for them. Be a part of their homework doing the process. Instead of telling them the answers, let them tell the answers to you. When parents assist their children while doing their homework, they perform better academically.

  1. Use Learning Apps

In today’s era of online teaching, making use of various learning apps helps in making homework less dreadful and fun. The online classes app can be used to help them understand their assignment better and is a fun way of getting work done. You can incorporate educational games and use other online tools to help them learn.

  1. Tough Things First

When your child sits to do the homework, they are full of energy and have a fresh mind. Hence, getting the tough part of the homework is a better idea. This won’t make the task seem taxing. You will obviously not want your child to struggle when they are already tired.

  1. Take Breaks 

This may seem illogical, but homework that lasts for more than an hour should be interrupted. Breaks in between can be as short as a few minutes to allow your child to refresh with a healthy drink, a light snack, or even some light physical activity. It works and is enjoyable. 

  1. Invite Friends To Do It Together

This is a great way to make homework fun for the students. Invite one or two of your kid’s friends to do the homework together. However, give them instructions beforehand so that they do the work within the stipulated time. You can later let them play together and serve them their favourite snacks.

5. Create A Reward System 

Rewarding your child every time they finish their homework keeps them motivated for doing their homework on time. You can also create weekly goals for them so that they get engaged for the week and learn while earning rewards for their work.

  1. Create A Good Environment 

When the environment is good, students will want to sit there and do their homework. Just like people do not like eating at any place, expecting kids to get motivated to do their homework by sitting at any place is foolish. 


Homework is meant for inculcating the habit of studying at home, checking their understanding of the topic and keeping them updated with the topics being taught. It is important to do it however it is also important to remember that focusing too much on it may make your child hate studying. Therefore, as a parent, you should try to make it as fun as possible but be cautious of not making them dislike it. If you find that a teacher is assigning too much work that is pressuring your child, voice your concern. 

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