When Did Crypto token marketing Get So Famous?

by Ethan More
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Crypto token marketing has exploded in recent years, but when did it get this popular? In this blog post, I provide a brief history of its popularity. Clearly, the reason crypto token marketing is so widespread right now is that its potential for growth is massive to promote NFT. The number of people who want to learn about crypto tokens and make some money from them grows more each day. Crypto tokens can be used for a wide variety of purposes including financial transactions and as part of decentralized apps (Dapps) that can conduct e-commerce or execute smart contracts in real time. And with such broad appeal, it’s no wonder marketers are jumping on board and trying to cash in with their own projects.

1. “The Untraceable and Anonymous” Trinity Wallet

The first known crypto token marketing account on Twitter was @Trinity_Wallet, which had over 60k followers. The account is run by @TrixterMark who is known for having an all-white portfolio and pushing his personal, not endorsed, project (Trixter). Their slogan is “exploiting cryptocurrency to make it the most private money in the world.” As you can probably see this is not a very positive message which makes sense because their business model sounds pretty shady and not very transparent. They exploit people to purchase their app and then send them fake amounts of Bitcoin or Ethereum. It doesn’t sound like their code is open source, so why should anyone trust the product?

2. “The Golem Project” and Their Ties to World of Warcraft

In 2017, the crypto token marketing team at Golem was fairly active on Twitter. Their account has over 300k followers. One of their recent tweets reads “Marketing is a numbers game. The greater reach you have, the more potential people you can win over.” It seems to me that they’re not too concerned with people actually liking or understanding what they’re trying to sell. If a consumer decides to buy something from them, perhaps they’ll just assume things are working as intended. Click here.

3. “Please Don’t Invest in My Token” Binance

When it comes to crypto token marketing teams, few have been more successful than the team at Binance . They’ve gained over 300k followers on that account alone and for good reason. Their strategy is simple: find people who lack knowledge of cryptocurrency but have money to invest and convince them to do so by selling them a “stable coin.” The name “stable coin” refers to any sort of cash that is tied to the price of another currency. The idea is that you’ll be able to buy, sell and trade it easily at all times. The team from Binance promotes their ERC20 token, BNB.

4. The “Top Crypto Token of 2018”

As a leading crypto token marketing company , we’re always trying to pitch potential new clients on our platform and service. “Top Crypto Token of 2018” has been doing just that recently with a number of tweets like this one: “You have heard about bitcoin and ethereum right? Well ETHLend will be the top crypto token of 2018…” They also offer links to their website where presumably you can learn more about what they do.

5. “The next big Crypto Craze”

1millionraisings.com is a crypto token marketing platform for blogger outreach that has over 1 million followers on Twitter . Their claim to fame is making the following assertion: “We will be the next big crypto craze with the first ICO on 1millionraisings.com.” What are they referring to exactly? We don’t know, but their message implies that they’re trying to get you excited about their upcoming ICO. They also claim on their website that they’re a “one-stop solution for launching your ICO or STO easily. Undoubtedly, they have a lot of people who have yet to learn about cryptos but are willing to invest in their ICO. This probably makes them an attractive target for crypto token marketing firms.

6. “The Second Coming of Ethereum”

This account had over 150k followers early this year and seems to be very active on Twitter. Their tweets include the following claim: “Ethereum is coming back! (ETH) is the next big thing with decentralized banking and smart contract applications.” They seem to be promoting their upcoming ICO which will supposedly raise funds for “smart contract platforms [that] use [an] advanced version of blockchain technology. This will form a backbone for a decentralized, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) system. ” It’s not clear to me why the project is described as a “smart contract platform” but that’s just my opinion.

7. “The Underdog”

Among the top crypto token marketing services, “The Underdog” has over 230k followers on Twitter . They’re promoting their upcoming ICO in which they claim you can invest in Masternodes, a blockchain feature that allows users to pay for services on the network using Bitcoin or Ethereum and NFT. When it funds, they’ll be able to issue tokens called XENONBLACKHORSE (XBB) while they have over $1MM worth of these coins in their control. The account claims that the project is “a revolutionary change in the cryptocurrency industry, revolutionizing the way crypto is traded and brought to a new standard.”

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